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Bear Ch. 1 [part 1 of 2]

By: DG Hear (

Bear By DG Hear

Authors note: In my story "Returning Home", I had a secondary character by the name of Bear. I received a number of comments wanting to know more about him. Here is his story. It will be submitted in two chapters. Warning! This is not a DG Hear typical romance story. It has lots of sex and troubles growing up. I want to give a special thank you to Miss Lynn for making my story a much better read.

Chapter 1:

I can hardly believe that people are interested in the life of an old biker, but here it goes. Don't expect this to be some romantic love story. I'm going to tell you how it was for me growing up. If you're not interested in fights, sex and a bad attitude, you might want to leave now. I'm not apologizing for my life. I'm just telling you how it is.

I'll admit that I wasn't the most likeable guy and by all means not a role model. I think you'll understand my attitude, even though you may not agree with it, after hearing my story.

I was born a bastard. My mother who I have always loved raised me. I know she did her best but I was a troubled kid and a troublesome teenager. Life just started bad for me.

My mom was a waitress/barmaid and worked hard to support herself. She dated and ended up pregnant. One man was special to her. When I got older she explained her story to me.

He was a salesman from Indiana that came through Ohio pretty regular. Mom had dated him quite a few times. When she got pregnant and told him about it, he tried to deny it. He said she wasn't going to blame her pregnancy on him. Come to find out, he was already married and had two kids. Mom said it really hurt her because she cared for this man.

Mom was furious and went to a lawyer. After I was born, she had a DNA test done on me. They used evidence from a hairbrush and toothbrush he used when he visited her. The lawyer took him to court and mom won. He had to pay child support for the next eighteen years and any medical bills I incurred. All that my father was to me was a sperm donor.

Mom named me Milton Wesley Blake the Second, after my father. I think she did it more to embarrass him than anything. Of course, with a name like Milton I got into lots of fights. I was a big kid though and able to take care of myself.

My dad, or sperm donor as I call him, was never part of my life. As a kid, I think I saw him maybe once a year when he came into town. He did pay his support but didn't want anything to do with me. If he came to town more often, it wouldn't be something she would have told me. She knew I despised him.

We started out living with my grandparents but they always got into arguments with mom about her going out and leaving me with them. I don't think they much cared for me either. When I was about seven, mom and I moved into an apartment near the lounge where she worked. She left me with some of the older people in the apartment while she worked.

They just let me do what I wanted. All they cared about was the few bucks that mom gave them to watch me. I ate at the back of the lounge for most of my dinners. Then I headed up to the apartment and waited for mom to get off work. Sometimes, she would be really late so I figured she was out on dates. She never did bring any men up to the apartment, though.

I ran the streets most of my childhood life. I wasn't very good in school and got expelled many times for fighting. Sometimes, it was because other kids laughed at my name; other times it was because kids called my mom a whore or a prostitute. I would beat up anyone who talked bad about my mom.

She wasn't a whore. I'll be the first to admit she was rather loose and dated a lot but no kid was going to get away with making fun of my mom. She could expect to come to the school at least every couple of months due to my fighting. This went on right into high school.

I was really big for my age and some of the older teenagers thought they could bully me around. Bill Jenkens, a senior, called my mom a slut and I beat him to a pulp. I was only sixteen at the time. He said he saw his dad fucking my mom. I couldn't let that go and I beat him till three other seniors pulled me off him. I would have killed him otherwise.

The principal expelled me for the remainder of the year.

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